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Mikelson 50 wins 2009 Bisbee Black & Blue Billfish Tournament

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Endorsements From The Pros

"Most sea trials involve taking a new boat out for a half day of cruising and various on-the-water maneuvers. This one was a bit different: We ran a brand new Mikelson 78 Luxury long range sportfisher for 15 days straight, and took it on a 3,500 mile torture test. In the end, our sea trial proved the Mikelson 78 to be a rugged winner."
Captain Patricia Rains / Author

"All in all, the Mikelsons offer outstanding value in terms of price, range, speed, and a soft ride."
Captain Peter Wright

"Without a doubt, the Mikelson 78 stands as the most comfortable boat I have ever set foot aboard. Once hooked up, the Avenger surprised me. First, her control station in the cockpit and aft on the bridge gives her skipper good visibility. Also, her reverse sheer allows her to back down on fish without throwing a surge of water over the swim platform."
David Ritchie / Editor - Marlin Magazine

"Avenger is the most comfortable BFS - my acronym for Big, Fast Sportfisher - that we have ever run. And we have run hundreds. Avenger was flawless... Mikelsons should sell themselves."
Captain John Rains / Author

"We suggest East Coast designers take a number of tutorials on superb boat design from Tom Fexas. Or skip that and simply go straight to the source - Mikelson."
Dean Travis Clarke / Executive Editor - Marlin Magazine

"California anglers have accepted Mikelson boats as top quality 'San Diego style' sportfishers. These boats deserve a long look from the rest of the country as well."
Marlin Magazine

"Mikelson Yachts are to the sea what Rolls Royce is to land - considered by many to be the ultimate in Southern California-based luxury sportfishing yachts."
South Coast Sportfishing Magazine

"If you have been thinking about a Bertram 72 but buy the Mikelson instead, you will have a cool million left over so you can still have the ski chalet, the beach cottage, and the new Ferrari, in addition to a fine sporting yacht."
Robb Report Magazine

Super Performance with High Speed, Low Horsepower Engines...



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